Sensor EMS


Sensor EMS

Data center monitoring system (DCMS) atau environment monitoring system (EMS) adalah solusi berbasis teknologi yang dirancang untuk mengumpulkan, menganalisis, dan menafsirkan data dari berbagai sensor.

Beranda / Toko / EMS / Sensor EMS

Didactum 14010 Temperature Sensor

Rp 3.537.672
The temperature sensor is easily connected via RJ11 patchcable to the Didactum monitoring system and automatically displayed on it`s WEB GUI. As part of the temperature monitoring, you can easily query this sensor via Network or Internet.

Didactum 14011 Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Rp 4.052.580
Didactum`s outdoor temperature sensor is specifically designed for the monitoring and measurement of outdoor temperatures or where high levels of moisture or water is present.  This weatherproof temperature sensor is compatible with all network-enabled Didactum remote monitoring devices and PDU`s.

Didactum 14012 Humidity Sensor

Rp 4.052.070
The environmental factor humidity (RH) plays a significant role in many mission-critical infra- structures in today’s world where these systems are highly sensitive and can be very vulnerable to failure due to sudden changes in their installed environments.

Didactum 14014 Vibration Sensor

Rp 4.062.075
The vibration detector was developed specifically for the Didactum high-end monitoring systems and is used to detect shocks and vibrations.

Didactum 14015 Access Sensor

Rp 3.538.392
Didactum`s Door Contact Sensor is designed for monitoring the security of your doors and windows. With the highly reliable Didactum network enabled monitoring system and the door contact sensor in place you will be alerted immediately when a door or window has been breached.

Didactum 14016 AC Voltage Monitor

Rp 4.534.914
The Didactum Sensor AC (alternating current) has been developed specifically for the network based surveillance of AC power. This highly reliable sensor monitors the AC voltage that is providing the critical power to your infrastructures.

Didactum 14017 Smoke Detector

Rp 4.050.324
Didactum smoke detector - early detection of fire and smoke. The Didactum smoke sensor was developed specifically for the early detection of fire and smoke. The sensor is also compatible with all SNMP enabled Didactum monitoring systems and PDU`s.

Didactum 14018 Water Leak Sensor

Rp 5.076.207
This Didactum leak sensor has been developed for the reliable detection of water and moisture. This water leak sensor is compatible with all Didactum SNMPv1/v2c/v3 enabled remote monitoring devices.

Didactum 14019 PIR sensor

Rp 1.284.743
Sensor is needed for control of movement over an infra-red range. Max. distance from the unit is 50 meters.

Didactum 14020 Water Leak Cable Sensor

Rp 4.053.570
The critical functionality of data centers and other facilities can be easily affected by water. Any type of exposure to electronics in server rooms or other facilities could lead to electrical short circuits causing catastrophic failures in equipment.

Didactum 14022 4-20mA Converter

Rp 4.025.289
4-20 mAmp measurement converter - capture and convert analog signals. This 4-20 mAmp signal converter is specifically designed for the network enabled Didactum remote monitoring appliances.

Didactum 14023 DC Monitor

Rp 4.534.914
This DC meter was specifically designed for network-based remote monitoring of DC current up to 60V. Didactum`s DC sensor is galvanically isolated. It is compatible to all Didactum remote monitoring appliances.

Didactum 14032 Dry Contact Access Sensor

Rp 1.897.194
Installation Using two wire, sensor is connected to a dry contacts of any system unit. One of devices in the kit, for example, magnet, is mounted on a door; the second device is mounted on a jamb of a door.

Didactum 14033 Airflow Sensor Dry Contact

Rp 3.026.523
Power supplies of PCs and servers are usually equipped with fans. These fans are used to remove heat from these sensitive computing systems.

Didactum 14039 Air Flow Temperature Sensor

Rp 4.052.457
Connects to air flow control unit ITEM Number E-14034. In the presence of air flow sensor indicates the presence of wind. In the absence of wind monitoring system receives a message on the absence air flow.

Didactum 14040 Gas Sensor / Gas Detector

Rp 7.129.986
Uncontrolled escape of gases such as butane, propane, methane must be reliably detected. Gas heating systems should be also equipped with a gas detector.Didactum`s gas detector has been specifically designed for the detection of gases.